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Rollstock Films,  Vacuum Pouches, Stand Up Zipper Pouches, Vertical Form
Fill Seal Films, Lidding Films and Trays. Apex Packaging, established in
2004, supplies high quality, competitively priced Flexible Packaging
Materials and Equipment to the Meat, Cheese, Fish and Food Processing and
Packaging Industry in Western Canada, the US Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

We offer the latest in High Tech Packaging Materials and Packaging
Equipment Solutions to increase your production efficiency and lower your
costs to help make and keep you competitive. Our other services include
Consulting and Packaging Benchmarking to determine if you are using the best
possible Packaging Materials and Equipment for your products, Graphic Design
to enhance the look of your Packaging, Test Packaging to show you or your
customers what your products could look like in the latest and most suitable
Packaging Materials, and if new equipment is required we provide Automation
Integration Support Services.

Please give us a call and let us go to work for you. 

CRAIG DAVIES - 604.351.2504

or Email: info@apexpackaging.ca





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